Web Design Assignments

Assignment 1: Links

Read this page about links.

Create a new post named “Links” .

Insert some body text. In the body text create a link to an existing page on your site.
Create a link to another website.
Create a link that opens in a new window.

Assignment 2: Images

Read this page about Galleries and Slideshows. Then, read this post and notice the 3 different types of galleries.

Link to unsplash.com

Link to Dog Photos

Create a new post named “Gallery” . Insert into the post 3 nine-image galleries: Tiled Mosaic, Square, and Circle.

Assignment 3: Slideshow

Create a new post named “Slideshow” . Create a nine image slideshow.

Assignment 4: Linking an image to a webpage.

Create a post named “Linked Image” . Insert an image and link it to http://thisclass.rocks/.

Assignment 5: Inserting a youtube video into a post.

Read this page about embedding videos
Create a new post named “YouTube Embed” .
Embed a youtube video into the page. Specify a start and end time.

Assignment 6: Google Maps

Read this article about embedding Google Maps into WordPress.
Create a new post named “Google Maps”
Embed a map into the post.

Assignment 7: Weather Forecast

Create a new post named “Weather Forecast”
Go to WeatherWidget.io and create a widget for El Reno.
Embed the widget into your post.

Assignment 8: Forms

Read this page on how to create forms in WordPress.
Create a new post named “Pizza Order Form” .
Address 1
Address 2
Check Boxes for toppings
Radio Buttons for crust
Drop Down Menu for Cash, Check or Credit Card

Assignment 9: Lists

Read this page about lists.

Create a new post named “Shopping List” with ordered and unordered lists of 5 items.

Assignment 10: Headings

Create a post named “Headings” with Heading sizes 1-6.